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Butchers Blocks

Western Australia is home to some of the worlds finest hardwoods, long renowned for both their beauty and durability, we take great enjoyment in hand selecting quality timbers along with interesting grain structures. When manufacturing our Butchers Block a firm understanding of both old & new technique is required, each piece is crafted with the utmost care, a timeless investment that can be passed on to the next generations.


Our Butchers Blocks start from $7000 + GST

Standard Technical Specs:

- Dimensions: Height = 915mm, Length = 1200mm, Width = 700mm

- Weight: 160kg

- Mobility: Lifting Bar & Hidden non-marking wheels - two people recommended

- Work Surface: Finely sanded 100mm thick Solid Jarrah, Undercounter drip channel

- Base Structure in Solid Marri

- Drawer: Soft Close - European made Underslung runners / Interior in AB Grade plywood

- Custom Fixtures in milled stainless steel

- Maintenance: Base coated in natural orange oil / clean with course salt - coat generously with olive oil

- Uses: Butchers Block, Feature kitchen island, Alfresco food prep station

- Ergonomically friendly


Our Butchers Block is inspired by 8th Century, Old Norse, a time when timber was deeply integral to people's everyday lives, we imagine viking ships, heavy set forts, bold ppwerful stuctures. Raw strength and craftmenship. We draw from contemporary Scandinavian design to provide functionality and elegance.

Special orders are available by request, we understand that standard sizes may need to be adapted to suite customer requirements. Each Butchers Block is made to order.


Built-in-WA enjoy forming strong bonds with local businesses and also advocate for responsibly sourced timber.


We package and deliver our products Australia wide.

Orders: Please Email - Liam@built-in-wa.com

Liam Callaway - 049 8090 962


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