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Custom Cabinetry

Built in WA Specialise in made to measure, custom fitted Cabinetry, we provide for older Period Styled Homes through to New Contemporary Residences.

We work together with our clients to consider Existing Furnishings, Colours and Styles. Our own unique, quality Hand Painted finishes add a very special touch, ensuring that your new cabinetry becomes a lasting feature for years to come.

Our Unique Hand Painted finish provides for high quality, seamless looking Cabinetry. Our Doors, Drawer Fronts, Bookcases, Closing Panels and Dressed details are all finished in this way.


All Our Timber Feature Countertops are made from Real Wood Veneers and are Solid edged. Countertops are finished in a tough, durable Hard-wax oil.


No Laminate ABS edging is left visible, this is reserved for the interiors of cabinetry only.

Cabinetry Process:


- Please email your Ideas / Photos / Measurements / Rough Sketches to liam@built-in-wa.com and we will do our best to generate an Estimate for your project.

- Once both parties have a good feeling for the scope of works an onsite measure and face to face meeting is best.

- We provide High Quality Sketches or CAD drawings to help our clients visualise the project in its entirety.

- With most of the hard work completed in our workshop our installations are performed in a smooth, neat and timely manner.




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